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A European Just Transition for a Better World

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Whether we are thinking about the evolving climate crisis, the urgent need for geopolitical energy autonomy or the detrimental impact of the extractive economy on communities and nature around the world, it is clear that Europe faces a crucial challenge: it needs to transition its economy incredibly quickly towards one that provides everyone with the opportunity to live a good life within planetary boundaries. But the faster one needs to change, the greater the risk of people and regions being left behind. The development and implementation of a just transition is therefore essential for the times we are living in. What kinds of policy and funding do we need to make the transition happen in an equitable way, ensuring that the fundamental rights of all are guaranteed in an inclusive society? And how does this translate into the divergent realities of different regions in Europe, and in the Global South?


This book is published within the GEF project Just Transition.

This transnational project tackles the question of a Just Transition – transforming from an extractive to a regenerative economy in a just and equitable way to find the necessary support among the population. It seeks to show that the green family, including GEF in its specific role, is a leading actor in the development of futureproof politics and policies, developed in a sensitive way that keeps in mind local specificities. The book is written by people from all over the world, working in the field of Just Transition, and edited by Dirk Holemans, project coordinator.

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