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Who Will Deliver(oo) the New Economy?

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Have you ever considered to do a shift for Deliveroo or make some extra money with Uber? Then is it important to look first at the following questions: Who is paying for the equipment? You. Who is responsible for the insurance? Indeed also you. Do you have any social protection? No, you don't. 

After taking these aspects in account you might start hesitating about taking part in this new forms of technological labour. But you didn't finished yet because there are some other questions you should ask. Are these digital platforms doing a lot of investments? No, not really because you are paying for the equipment and the insurance. Are these digital platforms paying taxes like other equal forms of labour like a taxi driver? No, they don't. So here is not only your own social protection threatened but also the existing regime of our national welfare states with a social security system build on full employment in stable and localized jobs.

These companies presenting themselves as mere digital platforms like Uber, Airbnb, Deliveroo, … are changing our economy in rapid pace. These techno-economic disrupters not only change the way we produce or deliver services, but also lead to radical changes in the labor market, the availability and the organization of work. 
The crucial question is how we will be able to re-embedded these new companies that tend to ignore legislation and deny the European social contract.
This is more than an economic issue: more flexible and precarious jobs feed the growing insecurity in our society, which is a feeding ground for populists and national authoritarianism.

So we need progressive answers that embrace the possibilities of digital platforms while at the same time empowering workers and their freedom and building new systems of social security. At the conference several inspiring speakers will share there vision about the new challenge the 4th Industrial Revolution states.



1 PM Aurélie Maréchal (Green    European Foundation)    Introduction
1.10 PM Dirk Holemans (Oikos Thinktank) 'The need for a green transformation. Freedom & security in uncertain times.'
1.35 PM Jochanan Eynikel (Business philosopher Etion) 'The Ethics of Things, Staying Human in the Robot Age.'
2 PM Antonio Aloisi (Bocconi University, Milano (University Milano)

'A Manifesto to Reform the Gig Economy'  

2.35 PM Duncan McCann (New Economics Foundation) 'Cabfair - We can do better than Uber'  
3.10 PM Coffee break  
3.20 PM Panel debate: Philippe Lamberts (Green MEP) and Frank Moreels (President European Transport Workers' Federation) 'The European Dimension'
4 PM

Closing panel debate: Meyrem Almaci (President Groen), Antonio Aloisi, Duncan McCann

'The Future of New Economy'  
4.45 PM

Reception & Network moment



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More information about the speakers, relevant documents and the official program for the event will be communicated on the Facebook event and on Twitter. 

Attend the event on Facebook to keep up-to-date.

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* This event is organized with the financial support of the European Parliament to the Green European Foundation.

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